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Tunisia has a long history of secular rights; the country&#;s current . the commitment to diversity and pluralism at all times has to be iron solid.".

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Today, we should be encouraging. African artists and artisans who use recycled iron to create . Termit (eastern Niger), while iron did not appear in Tunisia.

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The sole fledgling democracy to arise from the Arab Spring represents an encouraging yet incomplete victory against authoritarian rule and

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Shouts of &#;Tunis&#; and &#;down with Mubarak&#; at Egypt protests.to protest in Cairo and at leastother Egyptian cities today, taking inspirationand his National Democratic Party – which exerts the same iron grip over formal


Tunisia : The official name of Tunisia is the Tunisian Republic (al-Jumhūriyya at-Tūnisiyya).Sidi Taya Mine, Zaghouan, Zaghouan Governorate, Tunisia . Douahria iron mine · Douahria Pb-Zn occurrencePrivacy PolicyTerms & ConditionsContact Us Current server date and time: Octo::Page

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Today Tunisia is considered a republic and it was goverend as suchin the country are petroleum, the mining of phosphate and iron ore,

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a traditional Tunisian house, is what immediately catches one&#;s eye.serve as garden gates, or awning support, cast and forged iron grillsThe crafting of copper spread from its birthplace Constantinople, today&#;s Istanbul,

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Often seen as simply a beach destination, Tunisia has a bucket-full ofThe whitewashed alleyways, wrought iron window frames and colourful blue doors areunderground, which has left the city houses incredibly well preserved today.

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However, the process of rebuilding the country after years of iron rule underToday&#;s latest carnage on the streets of Tunis may change that.

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TunisiaResources and power: Tunisia&#;s natural resources are relatively meagre. Until theOther major mineral resources are zinc, lead, barite, and iron. . Political status of African States inand the current African Democracy Ratings.

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Tunis. IT is Friday, Jan., in downtown Tunis. In the streets, we shout “No! . I grab the iron rod to defend my home and my dream.

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The Tunisian people have bravely defended their revolution and theirToday, Tunisia is saying to the world, to freedom-lovers everywhere, that there is no


Tunisia (officially called the Tunisian Republic) is a country in northern Africa.Algeria, Today&#;s featured page: Toys, Fun and Games (English/French) PICTUREMajor Industries: petroleum, mining (particularly phosphate and iron ore),

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between blue mashrabiya latticework, pink bougainvillea and wrought iron filigree.Today, Carthage and its neighbours have remained centres of culture withFormer choice holiday destination for the Tunisian bourgeois and the Bey&#;s

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By, Tunisian resistance to French rule turned violent. . Today, women are legally equal to men with regard to inheritance, propertyTunisian artisans make goods out of wood, copper, textiles, leather, wrought iron, glass, and ceramics.

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The current Tunisian government and its predecessor have worked with .. Originally designed to iron out disputes to pass the

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By many measures, Tunisia&#;s progress toward democracy in the five yearshold brutal sway, the general lack of fear in today&#;s Tunisia is striking. . iron embrace of autocracy or succumbed to the anarchic pull of civil war,

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Tunisia was the breadbasket for the Roman empire; even today, wheat and barley remain theNatural Resources: Petroleum, phosphates, iron ore, lead, zinc

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Truth and reconciliation in TunisiaShadows from the pastto, many prisoners were hung naked, like a roast chicken, from an iron bar. . “Today there are still the same officials running the public sector and doing the

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“The situation in Tunisia has become dangerous,” the authors warn.de facto controlled by an iron triangle of business oligarchs, security sector actors and

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In the dead of the night a noise, resembling the clashing of iron, was frequently heard, which, if youIntoday&#;s Tunisia was invaded by the Vandals. In

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compared to what could be the intensity if the current pace is maintained. This reduction in energy intensity would allow Tunisia to be in the middle

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A dictator who ruled with an iron fist and a surplus of crony-based corruptionDaniel Brumberg: Reign of a dictator in Tunisia ended in a very short timeThe fact that it is the current parliament that has the constitutionally

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Kids learn about the Geography of Tunisia. The historyToday nearly% of Tunisians are Muslim. TunisiaMajor Industries: petroleum, mining (particularly phosphate and iron ore), tourism, textiles, footwear, agribusiness, beverages

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Maghrebi, Mediterranean and European: Tunis is at once complex, hybrid andwith wrought-iron balconies, cafes and patisseries bordering the boulevards.

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Tunisia facts: Official web sites of Tunisia, links and information on Tunisia&#;s art, culture,Natural resources: Petroleum, phosphates, iron ore, lead, zinc, salt.Today the Tunisian media enjoys much greater freedom than before the

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Lamb was the most common meat in Tunisia centuries ago as well as today and when the animal was slaughtered, every portion was used

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Sayahi, Lotfi, "Current Perspectives on Tunisian Sociolinguistics" (). .. had governed it with an iron fist for almost a quarter of a century.

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(Tunisia today already shelters more than,refugees, mainly fromThe West, with its disastrous collaboration with iron-fisted rulers in

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The mining industry of Tunisia focuses mainly on phosphate products such as fertilizer, industrial minerals (gypsum, clay, lime), iron ore, and salt. . Main page · Contents · Featured content · Current events · Random article · Donate to

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