Trunnion mount ball valves for oil and gas…

Trunnion-mounted ball valves for oil and gas where the ball is mechanically anchored at both the top and bottom allowing performance under higher pressure.

Oil and gasVexve Oy

Vexve Oy is a leading manufacturer of high quality, fully-welded ball valves developed for natural gas distribution. Vexve solutions are designed to deliver the

Durachoice/4" Mini Brass Ball Valve…

Durachoice/4" Mini Brass Ball ValveChrome Plated x Male NPT: Automotive Air Bypass Valves:closed operation; Heavy Duty for Water, Oil, and Gas, each valve individually tested for maximum safety . Good quality, small size.

Ball ValvesCIRCOR Energy

CIRCOR Energy offers a complete line of two and three-piece ball valves inthem an excellent choice for shutoff applications, especially in the oil & gas industry.The high quality of materials used in the construction of our valves allows our

Boehmer : The ideal ball valve

Böhmer is one of the world&#;s leading manufacturers of ball valves.operation in almost every branch of industry, such as construction pipelines, oil and gas.In order to guarantee top quality at all times, we subject our ball valves to constant

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