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Sweet Marjoram · TarragonMexican · ThymeEnglish · ThymeGerman · ThymePeppermint leaves have a pleasantly strong menthol taste.Crush fresh leaves into water for a refreshing beverage, or add to iced tea. You can also dry leaves for flavoring dishes or beverages and making desserts like meringues,

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Melissa is a genus of perennial herbs in the Lamiaceae, native to Europe and Asia butThe stems are square, like most other plants in the mint family. The leaves are borne in opposite pairs on the stems, and are usually ovate or

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Lemon balm is a medicinal plant native to the East Mediterranean region and West Asia.If you rub the leaves, which look like mint leaves and range fromIn Germany, lemon balm is licensed as a standard medicinal tea for treating sleepJust crush the fresh leaves and rub them directly on your skin,

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Leaves of mint plants (Mentha spp.) are known for their distinctive, pleasant aroma and flavor. Members of the mint family are tenacious perennial herbs that

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German camomile leaves appear very thin and feathery and the stems areClip a small amount of foliage or blossoms from a camomile plant and gently crush the plant partsIf it smells faintly fruity, like apples or pineapples, you likely have a camomile plant in your hands.How to Identify Mint Plants.

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Chocolate mint leaves have a delightful minty chocolate flavor, much like theCrush fresh leaves into water for a refreshing beverage, or add to tea or coffee.

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I found my homegrown mint, lemon balm and chamomile were more flavorful than the herbalAll of these plants grow well throughout the United States.The deep green, hairy leaves make a slightly astringent tea that&#;s similar to a mild, fragrant China tea.German chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is a two-foot annual.

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See more ideas about Fresh mint, Fresh mint leaves and Spearmint recipes.Peppermint is a popular herbal plant with a sharp refreshing menthol flavour, Thus, ..peppermint leaves or a small handful of any mint Ice – as much as you likePeppermint oil is obtained by crushing peppermint leaves and creating an oil

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